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Four Agricultural Treasures

      Cauliflower & Broccoli  

      Cauliflower is rich in various kinds of minerals and vitamins; it is especially abundant in Vitamin C, potassium, and thio-carotene, which strengthen liver function, help with detoxification, prevent scurvy, heighten body immunity, adjust heart and muscle activity, prevent high pressure, and fight against cancer. Chinese medicine believes that cauliflower is categorized as a “neutral” vegetable that is on the “colder”side. It is commonly used in herbal dishes that provide nutrition for liver and kidney, boost energy, strengthen the function of spleen and stomach.

      Cauliflower serves as Lujhu's top agricultural product in terms of volume. The planting area is also the most spacious; currently it has reached to be more than 250 hectares. The daily supply volume during production period is nearly 100 tonnes, which is ranked No.1 in Taiwan. Harvest volume for each hectare is approximately between 19,000 kg to 22,000 kg, with a monetary value of over NT$100 million.
    Species of Cauliflower: Product types are varied; currently Farmer No. 60, 65, and 70 are the most popular kinds.


    Broccoli is rich in nutrition, its content of Vitamin A, fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and zinc are all higher than cauliflower. It also contains large amount of cancer-fighting element that can resist the growth of tumor, fight cancer, strengthen liver and detoxification, prevent scurvy, heighten body immunity, adjust heart activity and prevent high pressure. According to research paper published by United States National Academy of Sciences, green colored broccoli contains the powerful cancer-fighting chemical, Sulforaphane; and broccoli includes 50 times more of the chemical than cauliflower does. The chemical can promote human body's immunity against cancerous elements, making broccoli a great cancer-fighting vegetable. The major type of broccoli is Lyu-wang.