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      Recreational Farm  
    * He-Guang Ranch

      He-Guang Ranch is located in Lujhu District, Kaohsiung City, which is a recreational ranch with an area of about 1.5 hectares. Ranch Owner, Mr. Jia-Shou Wang, is currently the class leader for Kaohsiung Dairy Cattle Production - First Class. To elevate the development of the livestock industry and the milk production of dairy cattle, the goat artificial insemination method is promoted where the technique of goat fetus transfer was under the coordinated guidance of Kaohsiung County Government, Kaohsiung County Farmers' Association, and the Heng-chun Branch of Livestock Testing Center, Council of Agriculture. As a result, the sheep breeding industry is able to have sustainable growth.

      Besides farming as many as more than 400 of foreign-bred dairy cattle, He-Guang Ranch also includes a family-friendly activity and BBQ area, recreational hammock area, lychee garden and DIY recreational area. In regard to outdoor educational activities, the ranch accepts telephone reservation and provides arrangements for: on-site sheep milking, introduction of common knowledge on little lambs, milk feeding fun, tasting fresh goat dairy products and organic grass juice. Want to drink goat milk but afraid of the smell? Many of the visitors at He-Guang Ranch were surprised that the goat milk here does not have the stinky smell. Do you know why? The answer lies in their very unique feeding method. If you are interested, take some time and visit the farm so that you will not only learn about the secrets behind the odorless goat milk, you will also learn about the exceedingly rich nutrition and the many unimaginable uses of goat milk.

      Guang-He Ranch also has Goat Milk Express Delivery, providing 24-hour nationwide delivery service with products stored under low-temperature throughout the delivery. Among the products available, fresh goat milk grass juice popsicle is made of 100% fresh goat milk and Tai-Sui No. 2 grass juice, which does not include any additives and is a popular product worth a try.

      All of the products are directly from the ranch and they all went through 30 minutes of sterilization under 85℃ and do not include any artificial additives, and are of the purest and freshest quality. Goat milk can promote the growth of epithelial cells. It is not hard to imagine as the epithelial cells are stimulated when the goat milk passes down the mouth, the throat, mullet, stomach and intestines. The nutrition of goat milk is soaked into the epidermal cells to prompt their growth, vitalize the epidermal tissues, and prevent germ invasion.

      Made of 100% fresh goat milk and Tai-Sui No. 2 grass juice. Does not include any additives so that you can enjoy the natural taste and all the healthy ingredients.