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Four Agricultural Treasures


      Tomatoes have great nutritional value. It contains lycopene, Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, potassium, iron, zinc, dietary fiber, and others. In addition, it also possesses various kinds of citric acid that improves the appetite, helps to burn off extra fat, eliminates fatigue, and promotes iron absorption. Frequent intake of tomatoes will not only beautifies the skin and provides anti-aging effects, it can also improve health and create immunity against cancer. Tomatoes are currently one of the most popular vegetables/fruits. Sin-yuan and Sia-keng regions in the township are situated at a low-lying area, where the soil contains a rich quantity of salt and is highly sticky. Through local fruit farmers' development and special cultivation, tomatoes grown in the area possess a unique flavor; in Min-Guo 70's (more than 20 years ago), tomatoes from the area have already been sold to all metropolises around the country. Nevertheless, the unbeatable status in the market needs to be maintained by a set of sophisticated techniques that are able to produce the best quality and taste. We hopeope that by conducting promotional events, Lujhu agricultural products will be known by more people with their increased brand popularity, and the production and sales of the goods will also benefit. As Lujhu's agricultural products are once recognized around the country, farmers' income will also be increased at the same time.

    Species and Production Period of the Tomatoes Planted: Currently Lujhu District is planted with mostly Sheng-mi, Hong-gu-niang, Jiao-nyu, Tian-gan, Chen-mi-siang, Sio-nyu, Jhu-li, Jin-yu, Jin-tong, Jin-yuan-man, and Hei-jhen-jhu. The total planting area is over a hundred hectares. Harvest volume for each hectare is approximately between 2,200 kg to 25,000 kg, with a value of nearly NT$100 million. The production period spans from November to April of next year.

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