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Agricultural Industry

      Natural and Humanistic Advantages  
    Location The District is located at around E 120º4', N 80'. It is by Cie-ding District and Hu-ne District in the northwest; it is bordered by Er-ceng-ren Creek, Ren-de District and Guei-ren District of Tainan City in the north; it is by A-lian District in the east overlooking Da-gang Mountain; it is by Gangshan District in the south; Yung-an District is by its southwest; and the south side directly to the District belongs to the inland sea of Sing-da Harbor. The total area is 4855.33 hectares and a plain area faces the ocean with the mountain at its back.
    Terrain The District is located in the south of Jia-nan Plain, which belongs to a portion of a series of small-size plateaus at the seashore plain on the top of Jia-nan region, connecting Tainan Terrace and Dahu Terrace in the north. The terrain gradually declines from the east to the west and belongs to a flatter plain surface. The District has an altitude of about 20m.
    Soil Sandy Soil: Distributed in the North and Northwestern Region with fine water drainage.
    Clay Pottery: Distributed in the Southeast Region with below-average water drainage.
    Clay Soil: Seen in other regions with above-average water drainage.
    Climate Due to the location of the District in the coastal seashore area in Southern Taiwan, the weather is influenced by its low latitude and the North Equatorial Current. The annual average temperature is between 24-25℃. It's drier in the winter. The monthly average temperature is 28℃ with the lowest temperature around 18.52℃.