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Agricultural Industry

      Agricultural Organization (Data through December 31st, 2009)  
    Organization Details
    Farmers' Association There are currently 8135 members, including 20 Agricultural Affairs Team leaders, 10 Production Classes, 44 teams of 4-H Clubs, 21 Domestic Affairs Improvement Classes
    Hydraulic Association Irrigation areas are separated into A-lian and Gangshan hydraulic working stations
    (belonging to irrigation area of Farm Irrigation Association of Kaohsiung Taiwan)
    Cooperative Organizations and Farms
    1. Farmers Cooperative: 1 (Lujhu Vegetables Production Cooperative)
    2. Taiwan Sugar Corporation Farm: 3 farms with a total of 850 hectares, which are shown below:
    *Sin-yuan Farm Area: 403 hectares
    *Lujhu Farm Area: 361 hectares
    *Ben-jhou Farm Area: 415.6 hectares