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    Colors of Taiwan.Zodiac Print
      Update Time:2019-04-01 09:14

    Taking a retrospective glance at the 20th-century Taiwanese art history, the concept of local colors had a tremendous impact on the modernization of Taiwanese art. Rather than simply depicting and recording the beauty of Taiwanese culture and customs, artistic creation became a window to showcase the artistic landscape of a new era. Artists had often demonstrated fresh visual expressions informed by the social changes in Taiwan and revealed the meaning and zeitgeist of Taiwanese local characteristics, integrating nature and culture to create innovative visual beauty. Today, Taiwanese colors have already emerged as the pursuit and expression for future artistic knowledge.
    Colors of Taiwan.Zodiac incorporates the interpretation of artistic creation to address traditional festivals and customs from a “colorful” perspective. Combining Xue Xue Foundation’s lasting endeavors in advocating the education of Taiwanese cultural colors and the preservation and continuation of local arts and their creations by the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition embodies the essence of cultural value and leads the audience to explore local colors while identifying with nature, land, history as well as the cultural and humanistic landscape.