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    Nighttime Free Parking Hours Extended for Flat-rate Spaces from June Onward; Fees for Hourly-rate Spaces Remain Unchanged Print
      Update Time:2019-08-30 14:00

    [Kaohsiung News] “A Petty Perk!” The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government changes nighttime free parking hours for flat-rate on-street parking spaces in the city from 10:00 pm to 8:00 pm from now on, whereas the fees for hourly-rate parking spaces up to 10:00 pm remain unchanged. 

    The Transportation Bureau extended free parking hours for flat-rate spaces to 8:00 pm on a trial basis starting from June 2018, and big data analysis for the twelve-month trial period shows that flat-rate parking spaces are mostly located in residential areas where parking fees collected from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm only accounted for 4% of the daily total. Therefore, the initiative is formally launched on June 1 in accordance with the trial result. According to the Transportation Bureau, there are a total of 21,599 flat-rate on-street parking spaces in the city; they are mostly located in residential areas, with Fongshan, Sanmin, and Cianjhen Districts having the highest numbers of such parking spaces. 

    In addition, the Transportation Bureau explained that parking spaces designated for loading and unloading in Kaohsiung City amount to 722. Since investigation shows they have low usage rate on Sundays, a pilot scheme is instituted to open the spaces to ordinary vehicles on Sundays starting from June 1 to November 30, 2019. It is hoped that citizens can find parking spaces more easily so that illegal parking would be reduced.